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There are lots of myths when it comes to carpet cleaning, but Alpine Cleaning Services Norfolk are here to explain the truth in a non biased way.

We draw on our 50+years of carpet cleaning experience in Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Norfolk and beyond to help you decide when and how to clean your carpets.


So when should you actually get your carpets cleaned and what are the differences in carpet cleaning? Should it be when they are really dirty and you are even considering replacing the carpets they have got in such a state?

No, the best time to have your carpets cleaned is regularly and long before they are showing any signs of serious dirt or wear. It will cost you less in the long run this way, as a rough and uncleaned carpet can actually wear quicker & get beyond repair. A clean carpet will also prevent a lot of bacteria and allergens from forming in the carpets – it is surprising the difference clean carpets makes to the quality of the air you breathe and overall feel of your home. A clean home is a happy home.

The first thing to mention is that the carpet cleaning machines you see in supermarkets that can be hired do not give you the slightest results in comparison to a professional carpet clean. You can hire a carpet cleaning Rug Doctor or similar from many supermarkets in Norwich or Norfolk for around £20-25 for a day. There are inconveniences attached to hiring a carpet cleaning machine as well. There are implications with having to bring in ID etc to get your machine, damage deposits in some cases and hidden extras of insurance and / or cleaning fluids for the carpet cleaner.
Carpet cleaning isn’t a one size fits all job and that’s why there are professional companies such as Alpine Cleaning Norfolk. We will inspect your carpet, for the types of stains, the material and durability of the carpet itself and find a carpet cleaning solution to clean it in the best possible way.

If you live on your own, you may not be able to move all your furniture around to clean your carpets. We’re happy to assist with this – all we ask is that items particularly dear to yourself such as ornaments etc you deal with yourself, and we will help move the bulkier items out of the way wherever possible leaving the area clear to clean your carpets.
Once we’ve arrived at your home and inspected the carpet, the next job is to give the room a thorough vacuum. It’s surprising just how many carpet cleaning companies ignore this basic fact and get straight to work on the cleaning aspect. If you can vacuum, before we arrive then that’s a bonus!
Some dirt spots or stains will require additional treatment. We will spray or treat the affected areas before we set to work on the main carpet cleaning, removing as many impurities from the carpet as possible.

Using a hot water extraction process and a specialist (close clean) we will get to work on cleaning your carpets. We are one of the few companies that will get on our hands and knees and clean your carpets from close proximity. Many companies offer a cheap alternative by using a steam cleaner. This will not extract all of the dirt and bacteria and may actually force it further into the carpet.It takes longer our way but, most importantly, avoids over wetting your carpets and will get rid of all the nasty impurities. Over wetting is a common problem in the carpet cleaning industry, and means your carpets could start smelling if they aren’t cleaned properly but more importantly, could damage the carpets themselves – leaving you with a big bill for replacements. To aid the carpet cleaning and drying process we will groom the carpet with a fine brush in some cases to provide the finishing touch.

We offer a 100% carpet cleaning guarantee. We will inspect the carpets with you and ensure you are happy with your work. This attention to detail and level of care is why we’ve been carpet cleaning for 50 years & counting.

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