10 Domestic Cleaning Tips

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Domestic cleaning tips by Alpine Cleaning Norfolk

1) Organise your house first, so it is clear of clutter and ready for you to clean efficiently

2) Be honest with yourself, does something need to be on display if you never use it. If the answer is no, then tidy it away before cleaning.

3) Dust first, and then clean. Otherwise, you’ll need to do twice as much cleaning.

4) Olive oil is great at removing finger prints from stainless steel appliances such as cooker hoods.

5) Baby wipes are useful for cleaning and removing small stains on upholstery.

6) If you have carpets, use a stiff brush around the edges before vacuuming.

7) Get rid of stuff you don’t use before cleaning – out of date items, broken stuff etc. Clutter can make a house appear so much more untidy and difficult to clean.

8) If you are stuck for time, get a professional cleaning company to do it.

9) Focus on a room at a time when cleaning, do a check list to ensure nothing is missed.

Enjoy the feeling that a clean home can bring. A relaxed mind and healthier environment.

Domestic cleaning tips brought to you by Alpine Cleaning Norfolk